Best tips for pre-planning Facebook posts for your business

Consistency plays the most important role in growing your brand and staying visible. Facebook posts have emerged as a great way of reaching more audiences and building a professional brand.

But Facebook posts need a long-term plan and an effective content calendar. Hence, you should know how to schedule a Facebook post while considering all these factors.

You may not always be able to publish your posts as planned, thus creating long gaps, eventually losing the momentum you have created with your previous posts. Hence, scheduling the Facebook posts has to be done in advance. Scheduling your Facebook in advance is extremely easy.

You can do it directly from the Facebook app and website. You can schedule your posts if you have a Facebook Page for your business or directly through Facebook Business Manager. Here are some of the best tips on how to schedule a Facebook post in a way that is effective and well-timed.

Stay on your brand

The pressure to post immediately is eliminated when scheduling your Facebook post. Take your time to create relevant content that will impress your audience. Also, ensure your brand guidelines are followed, especially when composing weeks or months of content. You must ensure that your campaign across Pages and social networks is aligned with your business and your audience’s values.

Carefully choose the date and time.

Do not post when your audience is not online. Use a scheduler with a feature that allows you to schedule Facebook posts on days and times when your audience is active on the platform. This will enable more people to see your Facebook updates, thus increasing the opportunity to generate engagement, drive traffic and gain potential new followers.

Know when to pause

Current events can sometimes change the impact of posts you may have scheduled months ago, meaning that a post may become irrelevant in ways you could not have predicted. Hence, it would help if you made sure that you regularly check your scheduled posts to track what is coming up. This will help you pause or delete the scheduled post before publication, hence avoiding backlash. 

Not everything can be scheduled.

Remember that you cannot schedule everything, and some posts, including Facebook events, check-ins, and photo albums, cannot be scheduled at all. Therefore, if you want to schedule Facebook messages, you can use an automation tool. Certain Facebook messenger bots use conversational AI to send messages that reach customers, even if your support team is offline. 

Keep track of the analytics and engagement.

Do not base your posting schedule on mere guesswork. Know what works best for your Facebook audience via monitoring performance in a social media analytics tool. Your history will show which posts perform well and where there is a scope for improvements. You can even engage with your followers and track the success of your scheduling.

Choose the scheduling time wisely.

Be wise when selecting your scheduling time and date. Determine when the post will perceive high engagement by knowing when your target audience will use Facebook and is more likely to engage with your post. So research your target audience and find the perfect time to post on Facebook before proceeding with your scheduling. 

Be consistent with your brand voice and image.

Avoid being hasty when creating your content. Remember that the basic idea about scheduling your content is to save you from the burden of posting to let you focus on maintaining the quality while creating your content.

Therefore, you must keep your brand guidelines in mind and create quality content without rushing it. Ensure you maintain your brand’s essence while scheduling multiple contents. 

Be flexible with your schedule.

Since social media constantly evolves, new trends may disrupt your social space. There could be consequences if your scheduled content is not aligned with the present scenario.

Hence, ensure you are not too rigid with your content posts and forget them once scheduled. Also, see that you have the most relevant, engaging, and trendy content for every post. 

Do not overschedule

There are millions of stories that get posted and shared across Facebook. This makes it important not to overwhelm your target audience by simply bombarding them with your posts by overscheduling. But also do not under-schedule your Facebook posts.

This calls for a perfect balance with your scheduling patterns, for which you need to understand the frequency of your posts and adjust according to your business goals. 

The bottom line

Scheduling your Facebook posts is a must do feature-if you want to save yourself from repetitive scheduling tasks. This will help you focus more on your social media marketing productivity. However, a built-in Facebook scheduler may have some limitations that can constrain your social media strategy. Hence it is best to have a social media marketing management tool.


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