browse now with the security of a VPN – 2022


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables users to transmit and receive data over public or shared networks as if their computing devices were directly linked to a private network. By extending a private network over a public one, applications running through the VPN can leverage the private network’s functionality, security, and management.

One can safeguard their online transactions by utilizing a VPN, which can bypass geographic restrictions and censorship, as well as connect to proxy servers to safeguard their personal identity and location. Unfortunately, some websites prohibit access via VPN to thwart circumvention of their geographic limitations.

While VPNs do not guarantee complete anonymity, they can considerably enhance privacy and security by enabling remote access through encryption techniques and tunneling protocols to prevent private information from being exposed.


The application utilizes a straightforward protocol named , and has the capability to create individualized internal IP addresses for users that are linked, enabling communication amongst those sharing the same server. Its interface boasts a user-friendly design, presenting all available services in a dropdown menu. Additionally, users have the ability to personalize their home screen with text or configure an SNI to share contacts with the server. These features prove advantageous in circumventing restrictions enforced by internet providers and connection networks.

TLS Tunnel is a VPN service that is offered for free to users. Its primary goal is to overcome restrictions imposed by internet service providers and governments, and ensure that users have complete privacy, anonymity, and freedom when accessing the internet. The servers provided by the service use a custom protocol known as TLSVPN. This protocol is straightforward and it provides protection to the connection by utilizing TLS 1.3 (and optionally TLS 1.2), which is the same protocol used by HTTPS websites. Additionally, a self-signed certificate is used, which is verified during connection to prevent any interception of data.

Alternatively, this application can be utilized for importing and exporting connection method configurations.

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The configuration file will be saved with a .tls extension and will be encrypted to include all the necessary information, except for DNS and connection options such as reconnection and internal IP exposure. Upon exporting the file, you have the option to add a message for the importer and lock the configuration to prevent any modifications or visibility.

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