como ganhar diamantes no free fire de graça

Free Fire is among the most popular games for both young and adult players all across Brazil, and there are ways to progress further in the game by earning diamonds for free.

These are some simple tricks that we’ll share with you now so that you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money on the game. Having more diamonds allows for more exciting exchanges. Therefore, let’s explore what you need to do to earn free diamonds in Free Fire.

Participação em eventos do Free Fire

For those who are unaware, the game holds events as a way to provide updates on the latest happenings within the game. By participating in these events, it’s possible to receive diamonds for free.

To do this, simply click on the “events” option and take part in whatever is happening at that moment. There are other types of events in Free Fire where you can obtain diamonds for free, such as the official Garena championship.

You can also get diamonds for free by watching other streamers promote the game. By paying close attention, you can obtain a diamond code that can be redeemed for weapon skins, tickets, and emotes.

Quando você completa as missões no jogo

A segunda maneira de adquirir diamantes sem custo é ao concluir missões dentro do jogo. Contudo, estas tarefas são limitadas e podem incluir objetivos como identificar um número específico de jogadores eliminados, ser o último sobrevivente em uma partida, ou até mesmo obter itens temporários. Essas opções podem ser bastante atraentes para quem deseja receber diamantes gratuitos.

É fundamental estar atento às mudanças nas missões, já que elas costumam variar ao longo do tempo. No entanto, é vantajoso conseguir completar todas as missões para receber sua recompensa.

Siga as contas oficiais do game

The game Free Fire has official users on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. By following these official accounts, you can collect diamonds for free, as they frequently distribute codes containing diamonds for the game.

It’s important to note that these codes can only be used once, so you shouldn’t delay in using them.

Stay alert on social media and collect as many codes as possible, as this can make all the difference.

Another way to acquire diamonds for free is by completing surveys through the Google Opinion Rewards app, which is available on both Android and IOS operating systems.

To use this app, you need a Google Play account, the same one used to purchase diamonds in Free Fire. Each survey you complete earns you credits that can later be used to acquire diamonds.

As you can see, acquiring diamonds for Free Fire can be easy, whether by participating in events or taking advantage of other opportunities involving the game. Now that you know how, be sure to put these tips into practice and share this information with others if it was helpful to you.

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