Learn now to increase your ram memory and make your cell phone much faster

It is typical for Android smartphones to experience slower performance and crashes over time. This can be attributed to the excessive usage of the device’s RAM memory, particularly in phones with limited RAM. The consumption of RAM memory is one of the primary factors responsible for slowing down smartphones.


The RAM memory plays a crucial role in the overall performance of a device as it works in conjunction with the processor to handle data and information from installed applications. If you are looking for a simple method to enhance the RAM memory of your smartphone, it is now achievable. You can convert the internal memory of your device into RAM, and I will guide you on how to perform this process.

SWAP without ROOT

This application is specifically designed to help users who are experiencing issues with their cell phone’s RAM memory. By using this application, you can create swap files which will help to increase your RAM memory. Additionally, you can customize the amount of RAM memory you want to create based on the internal memory available on your device.


•First you must forgive the application download on your cell phone;
•Open the application and then it is necessary that you give the necessary permissions for the application to work perfectly;
•Now you must select the size of the file you want to create;
• After selecting the amount you want, just press create swap;

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