Para quê os diamantes servem no Free Fire?

See what diamonds are for in Free Fire!

Free Fire is one of the most popular games in the Battle Royale genre for mobile devices, where players use diamonds as an internal currency to buy clothes, skills, equipment and skins for their characters. Diamonds, also known as “dimas”, are the game’s paid currency and the main form of transaction.

While the most common way to get diamonds is to buy them with real money, there are some legitimate ways to get them for free using virtual currency. This article presents everything you need to know about Free Fire diamonds.

What are diamonds for in Free Fire?

Like any game currency, diamonds have the function of allowing the acquisition of in-game content, such as:

  • The Elite Pass, which is one of the most coveted items by users and offers a wide variety of items. The Pass can be purchased for 600 diamonds.

  • Characters, skins and other items. There are a total of 37 characters, each with special abilities that help users advance through the game. It is also possible to acquire Pets that help survivors on the battlefield.

  • Packs and recharge events.
  • The Menu Royale, where players can use diamonds to spin roulette wheels and buy tickets.

In summary, the more diamonds the player has, the greater the number of guaranteed rewards.

How to buy diamonds in Free Fire?

To acquire diamonds in Free Fire, one must use the Central FF, the official Garena platform, and purchase them through the application using either packages or subscriptions with recurring payments. The available diamond packages are as follows:

  • 100 diamonds: R$4.99
  • 310 diamonds: R$13.99
  • 520 diamonds: R$20.99
  • 1060 diamonds: R$44.99
  • 2180 diamonds: R$87.99
  • 5600 diamonds: R$209.99

The smallest package available is worth R$3, which will give you 94 diamonds. Another way to acquire diamonds is by using gift cards with codes specifically designed for Free Fire.

How to earn diamonds in Free Fire?

Free Fire does not distribute enough diamonds within the game to acquire objects, hence players need to purchase them. However, Free Fire does offer the option to earn some diamonds, so here’s how:

Participate in events

Free Fire periodically holds events that reward participants with diamonds and accessories.

complete missions

The game also provides missions that involve earning a certain amount of diamonds or collecting items with small rewards in diamonds.

Join Google Play Store events

Google Play also hosts events that distribute credits to purchase apps, games, or in-app purchases such as Free Fire diamonds. To participate, access the Play Store homepage and wait for the new event.

Is it possible to get free diamonds?

The acquisition of diamonds is restricted, as there is a maximum purchase limit per player. When reloading, you can only purchase up to 5600 diamonds. Free diamonds are only available from occasional events.

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